The Overview

Hookit is a social media data analytics company that specializes in the sports sponsorship space. The brand product helps brands maximize the value of their sponsorships by empowering them with the data to decide who to sponsor. The athlete product helps amateur and professional athletes prove their value to brands so they can acquire sponsorships.

My Role: I am the Lead Product Designer for the Brand Account and the Pro Account and I oversee the end to end experience of both products. Since Hookit is a data analytics company, my main priority is to ensure that our data visualization makes sense to the users. I introduced user research to the organization to better understand how users interact with our products.

Duration: February 2019 - Present

The Process


Working in sports sponsorship is new to me so I aim to hold stakeholder interviews for every new feature. The stakeholder interviews allow me to better understand the business requirements and expectations for the feature. 

Once stakeholder interviews are complete, I try to speak with users about their workflows and processes.


I believe cross-team collaboration is key to a successful product, so I like to hold sketching sessions with the client success team, data scientists, engineers, and product team to brainstorm the best way to visualize the data we have on hand.


Low fidelity wireframes are created with marker and paper and then translated into mid-high fidelity wireframes in Sketch. This process typically runs through a few life-cycles as the team and stakeholders provide feedback.


Once the team and stakeholders agree on the wireframes, I prototype using Invision to demonstrate basic interactions. For specific data visualizations, I use Tableau to help prototype charts with real data.


Different visualizations are tested in person using Optimal Workshop’s survey feature to determine if the design is intuitive. I would present the visualization and then test to see how well the user comprehends the visual.

Usability tests are conducted using the prototype and Camtasia to capture the screen as well as the user’s reaction.

Analyze + Report

I analyze the findings differently depending on the test. If it is a usability test, I take a few days to comb through the data and edit the usabIlity footage. If I’m analyzing quick data visualization performances, I calculate the time on task per participant and find the average time on task for each task.


Prototypes and designs are refined and tweaked based off findings and feedback from the team.

Examples of Case Studies

Brand Account

Pro Account